About Pargas Practice Consulting

Patrick PargasPatrick Andrew Pargas was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Upon graduation from Christopher Columbus High School, Patrick accepted a dual athletic scholarship in football and baseball to attend Trinity International University in Deerfield, Illinois. It was there that Patrick’s leadership abilities were recognized both on and off the field. He was the first football player in the University’s history to be named team captain as a true freshman. His original major, pre-law, was quickly changed to organizational leadership at the beginning of his sophomore year. Patrick knew right away that one of his strengths was in leading and coaching others. It is this passion that led Patrick to Medical Practice Consulting and thus, he founded Pargas Practice Consulting in 2009.

Mr. Pargas has unparalleled experience in the plastic surgery industry and is considered to be an expert on the South Florida and surrounding markets. Patrick began his career with the world renowned Lifestyle Lift Facial Plastic Surgery Centers. He was brought in to oversee their downtown Miami office serving for several years as its General Manager. In short order, Patrick was promoted to Regional Manager where he oversaw several of their Florida offices and was instrumental in the opening of several others. In 2009, Patrick chose to accept an offer made to him by South Florida Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Davie, Florida. During his tenure, he was key in helping to improve their marketing and operations, and was in charge of overseeing their day to day operations.

In December of 2009, Patrick made the decision to start his own firm, Pargas Practice Consulting. Since its inception, Patrick has taken pride in the fact that he is extremely selective in choosing his clientele. “I have a stringent process that I adhere to when selecting my clients. I take my time and make sure that my clients’ goals and needs are well defined. It is very important to me that before my firm takes on any project, I know that we can deliver and hit the goals set forth by my perspective clientele. It has to be a good fit for both my client and my firm. Simply put, for Pargas Practice Consulting, it truly is an example of quality over quantity”.

Pargas Practice Consulting has recently entered into the ever growing cosmetic dental industry. “The advances in cosmetic dentistry over the last several years have been astounding. My firm’s emphasis has been in promoting and marketing elective cosmetic procedures. Expanding to help dental practices promote and deliver the many different elective cosmetic dental procedures was a very logical move for Pargas Practice Consulting. We educate dental practices on how to prepare for the very lucrative but challenging world of elective cosmetic dental procedures”.

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